Using false documents, the name and logo of someone else’s company, counterfeiting reviews, “word of mouth” marketing on the Internet is an effective weapon in the arsenal of scammers who hunt too trusting or hurrying customers.
The basic package of tools that provide effective verification of the carrier:
A thorough check of the documentation
First of all, it should be checked whether this carrier has all the necessary documents for doing business. That is, it is necessary to carefully study all the documents that give him the right to carry out entrepreneurial activities in the transport and logistics area.

First of all, you should check:
· Certificate of state registration of an enterprise
Also, it should not be neglected to compare the data with the information in the EGRIP database.
· Certificate of assignment of TIN
Confirmation of the fact of the TIN assignment takes a lot of time, but it is very important. This should not be forgotten, especially starting cooperation with a new counterparty.
· A license to provide intermediary services for cargo transportation
In addition, the license should be checked in all available external databases and make sure that it was actually issued by the specified authority.
·Bank details
Different data appearing in the documents should be the basis for a thorough check of the transport company of interest to you.
· Certificate of vehicle registration
The inspection of the technical passport must be carried out during each loading. The identity of the data on different documents is very important. It is necessary to pay attention to even non-essential details, which often allows to exclude the possibility of cooperation with an unreliable counterpart. In addition, you should check whether all documents are originals or notarized copies.

Inspection of driver’s documents
To avoid theft of the cargo by a false carrier, you should check the driver’s documents at the time of loading, and in case of doubt, contact the carrier directly to exclude the possibility of fraud. However, this is not enough to avoid theft. This will not help in case the fraudster is not the carrier company with which the freight forwarder has concluded the contract for transportation, but the subcontractor.
During the conversation, it is worth paying attention to the details, since it is so easy to notice inconsistencies in the information received from the carrier, the driver or the coordinator of the order. These can be documents available from the driver.
However, it should be emphasized that the carrier should only be selected after a thorough check of all these elements, since only a full inspection of the subcontractor allows to minimize the risk of theft or fraud.