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5415 Maple Ave # 268, Dallas, TX 75235, USA
ICC MC number: 999676
US D.O.T: 2952490
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80 reviews on Geo Van Lines

    James Aviles
    Move from Dallas, TX to Orlando, FL

    As good as it gets

    We were so impressed by Geo Van Lines and so relieved we used their service. We decided to only hire movers for the large furniture that wouldn’t fit in our car and the moving team did an absolute excellent job. They were fast, efficient, extremely professional and courteous. They handled our furniture with such good care, we had zero issues. Everything was so easy from start to finish. Thanks team for a job well done.

    Service cost: 2300
    Order ID: 74682
    James Smith
    Move from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA

    Best movers around

    The movers from Geo Van Lines are the best. I’ve used them three time and every time I’ve been extremely happy with their professionalism and efficiency. They’re the only moving company I could find that was willing to come to my home prior to my move and do a walk through to provide a comprehensive quote, which included a ‘not-to-exceed’ price. I hope I never have to move again, but if I do, I’ll be calling this amazing moving company.

    Service cost: 2100
    Order ID: 489512
    Marc Guyer
    Move from Dallas, TX to Denver, CO

    Impressed me a lot

    I cannot recommend Geo Van Lines highly enough. I scheduled a move just a few days before. The movers were professional, friendly and incredibly efficient. They arrived on time and were super speedy about the whole move. There was no hassle and almost nothing for me to do. Also, the price was incredibly reasonable. This was far and away the easiest and most relaxed moving experience I’ve ever had.

    Service cost: 2141
    Order ID: 15478
    Michael Graves
    Move from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN

    Professional Movers

    We recently hired Geo Van Lines to move us out of state. After calling a few different companies, we chose them because they were courteous, professional and the rates were very competitive. The movers arrived on time and were extremely efficient, patient and provided great, friendly customer service. I was extremely impressed with this company and would highly recommend them to others.

    Service cost: 1900
    Order ID: 165412
    Tyler McCafferty
    Move from Dallas, TX to Jackson, MS

    Organised Movers

    I have used this company for two of my moves, and will never move again without hiring them. They are reasonably priced, usually show up ahead of schedule, and do such a great job packing everything safely into the truck. Everyone is no-nonsense and gets the job done efficiently. The customer service is also great, always there to answer questions. Before I hired them the first time, I had never hired professional movers before so it was kind of a new experience for me. These guys were the best.

    Service cost: 1800
    Order ID: 32103
    Shawn Casey
    Move from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA

    Best Relocation Service

    I used several moving companies in the past and never had a good move. But his time, for a change, I got what I was looking for. The team of Geo Van Lines did a great job while packing and loading my stuff and moving them to TX from LA. The sales rep was very responsive and attentive, made all the necessary arrangements and ensured that there were no hidden fees and the foreman worked really hard with his crew to get the job done without any unwanted issues. It was very successful move given the time constraints.

    Service cost: 1700
    Order ID: 256254
    James Simmons
    Move from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL

    Outstanding Movers

    There is nothing better than working with a professional moving company. Can’t say enough how satisfied I am with Geo Van Lines. They checked in with me a couple of days in advance to see if I needed anything. Rep was very pleasant on first meeting and assured me that the move would be effortless. Their team showed up early, prepared and were very efficient. I will always recommend them.

    Service cost: 2800
    Order ID: 258459
    Hiram K. Holst
    Move from Dallas, TX to Birmingham, AL

    Trustworthy Movers

    I have worked with Geo Van Lines twice and they are amazing. They did our move from TX to AL and were so good at moving our furniture and didn’t scratch any walls at all, so professional. I would completely recommend them and they are totally worth the price. Highly recommended moving company.

    Service cost: 2000
    Order ID: 016523
    Jesus Ballard
    Move from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA

    A delightful relocation

    On the day of our move, the team of Geo Van Lines came with plenty of packing materials for our move. They were extremely careful with our electronics. There was no damage when they unpacked our belongings. They put everything in the right places. They arrived at my home very quickly. It was so much speedy and flawless process. From the moment I hired them to the moment they left after delivering my belongings- it was just so stress-free. They did an incredible work.

    Service cost: 1820
    Order ID: 59874
    Walter Carothers
    Move from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN

    Everything Went Well

    From beginning to end the service was exceptional. I spoke with the sales rep, who scheduled the move, and he was very polite, professional, courteous and personable. I received a reminder call the day before the move and the movers also called me on the day of the move to notify me that they were on their way. The movers arrived on time and got right to work. I have used several moving companies in the past and have always had a bad experience; however, Geo Van Lines truly went above and beyond to provide terrific service. I highly recommend this moving company and would certainly use them again in the future.

    Service cost: 2200
    Order ID: 021458
    Hugh Gibbons
    Move from Dallas, TX to Kansas City, KS

    A right company for moving

    From the initial phone call to the final delivery date, I was being acquainted with an excellent mover. The moving team from Geo Van Lines came out to our apartment and made a correct calculation. The movers carefully wrapped all the furniture, traditional and delicate items. They worked hard to get done everything on time and they did. They handled over all my stuff at the new apartment without a single glitch. They were prompt, cautious and skilled. I had the best moving experience till date.

    Service cost: 1900
    Order ID: 357159
    Alberto Schuetz
    Move from Dallas, TX to Indianapolis, IN

    Courteous professionals

    Such a great experience with this wonderful moving team. I really appreciate their professionalism and hard work. Great communication, very polite and professional staff. Great price too and they also took great care to arrange things for us. I am quite satisfied with the service provided by Geo Van Lines and I would surely use them again.

    Service cost: 2240
    Order ID: 48215
    Roy Pollard
    Move from Plano, TX to New Orleans, LA

    Right choice for a moving company

    We just moved and hired Geo Van Lines as our movers. They were absolutely incredible throughout the entire process. They were very clear on the phone to go over all of the details. Our movers were amazing. Every item was treated with absolute care; they were so efficient and worked extremely fast. They made our move so much easier and we really appreciate all of their hard work. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

    Service cost: 2340
    Order ID: 45812
    James Houk
    Move from Plano, TX to Miami, FL

    Fuss-free relocation

    Excellent experience with Geo Van Lines The moving team got home on time and they didn’t take a break until they were all done. They were the only moving company that offered me a weekend moving date with only a few days in advance. Great job all around. I will highly recommend them.

    Service cost: 2310
    Order ID: 584912
    Adalberto Garcia
    Move from Dallas, TX to Little Rock, KS

    Professional and Efficient

    Geo Van Lines proved to be a great experience all around. This is the first time nothing got broken or scratched. The movers were friendly, gentle with my stuff and moved at a fast pace. They were professional and experienced. I spoke with their sales rep and he was also friendly and very helpful. I called on short notice and he made sure that I got moved on time. I would highly recommend them for your move.

    Service cost: 2100
    Order ID: 546123
    Brett Freels
    Move from Dallas, TX to Saint Louis, MO

    Careful Movers

    Professional, prompt, courteous and careful. Geo Van Lines deserves appreciation for the service they provide. Their team showed up when they said they would, packed everything up and quickly moved to our new destination. This was the most painless move I’ve done. I am quite satisfied and would recommend them to everyone.

    Service cost: 2800
    Order ID: 521391
    Wallace Webster
    Move from Austin, TX to Miami, FL

    No more hassles for me

    I can’t say enough positive things about Geo Van Lines. These movers worked hard and above all they worked well together as a team. They did all this and didn’t damage anything. I am truly impressed with the amazing service provided by this moving team. I would recommend them to all in need of moving services.

    Service cost: 2310
    Order ID: 59147
    Avery Patton
    Move from Houston, TX to Hattiesburg, MS

    A rapid job

    The movers arrived punctually between the windows of time they offered to help with my move. They were friendly, respected my belongings and got everything into the truck quickly. They followed directions and unloaded everything in categories throughout the rooms in the new apartment. I was very pleased and would refer them to anyone who is looking for help during a move.

    Service cost: 1841
    Order ID: 598712
    Ryan Jones
    Move from Dallas, TX to Indianapolis, IN

    Just as I wanted

    Moving is stressful but these movers do it with professionalism and hard effort. From the first email estimate to the service until the move is complete, they make it happen. They delivered all my stuff at my new place in fine condition. I’ve moved a lot and this was by far my favourite experience. Highly recommended.

    Service cost: 2450
    Order ID: 95831
    Shane Ball
    Move from Houston, TX to Little Rock, KS

    Honest and reliable movers

    I recently used Geo Van Lines for a 3 bedroom apartment move. I have to admit that the movers did a great job for me. They were very punctual and efficient. They came on time and finished the move within the schedule and executed the move perfectly. They made a tricky move look very easy. They were fast and very accurate. They did better than I expected and charged fewer than I anticipated. I got a very professional service and paid a very reasonable amount. I thank the movers for their brilliant performance. Highly recommended moving company.

    Service cost: 1970
    Order ID: 37914

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