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5415 Maple Ave # 268, Dallas, TX 75235, USA
ICC MC number: 999676
US D.O.T: 2952490
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80 reviews on Geo Van Lines

    Eric N. Rickard
    Move from Dallas, TX to Denver, CO

    Professional and efficient

    We were concerned about the high price of other moving companies. We went with them thinking that if it didn’t go well we’d have family and friends to help. They were great. Incredibly friendly, professional, prepared, and accommodating. We would definitely use them again.

    Service cost: 2200
    Order ID: 547895
    Daniel Moore
    Move from Dallas, TX to Chicago, IL

    Everything was packed perfectly

    I had to hire Geo Van Lines for their amazing reputation. They know how to treat people. For my last move, their crew came over and gave me a good value for the price I paid. Every part of the relocation was designed to bring the best out of it. I was stunned seeing how efficient and fast the movers were. I thank these guys for their packing skills- everything was delivered in perfect condition.

    Service cost: 2741
    Order ID: 48565
    George Moon
    Move from to

    More than perfect

    The staff at Geo Van Lines was excellent. They worked diligently on every aspect of my move starting with providing a thorough quote to the packing of my fragile items to dispatch keeping me informed of every junction of my move. The overall service was first rate and it was a pleasure working with this amazing moving team. I highly recommend them for all who need a moving company.

    Order ID: 54812
    Sean Whitby
    Move from Dallas, TX to Jacksonville, FL

    Painless moving

    I hired to move all my belongings because they were recommended by my friend. They were just too good. Firstly, they gave me a very reasonable quote. Secondly, the moving team was very capable. They lifted heavy belongings with such ease. They were very time efficient as well. Everything arrived right on the scheduled date. I had the best moving experience with them and will surely use them again.

    Service cost: 2980
    Order ID: 48596
    Jim Gallaher
    Move from Dallas, TX to Arvada, CO

    Above and beyond

    The initial call to Geo Van Lines went smoothly. We thought the pricing was fair for what we were asking. Everything was explained in advance. On the moving day, the moving team called in advance of their arrival. The movers were professional, efficient and well-mannered. They moved each piece of furniture very carefully and without damaging the furniture or my walls. The furniture they moved was new and some of the pieces were extremely heavy. Again, there was no damage to the furniture or my walls. We are very pleased and would definitely use this moving company again in the future.

    Order ID: 84715
    Rudolph Mooney
    Move from Houston, TX to Metairie, LA

    Highly recommended moving service

    I looked around and retrieved multiple quotes from other moving companies and Geo Van Lines was the best priced. The moving team was able to empty my apartment, drive to the new one and put everything on my 3rd floor, including setting up my bed in less than 2 hours. They were so kind and professional. My family was really impressed with the service provided and we will use them again for sure.

    Order ID: 48512
    Jeremy Bales
    Move from Dallas, TX to Miami, FL

    Best I ever had

    The movers were professional and efficient. They wrapped my furniture so well and therefore, nothing was damaged during the move. After the move, they assembled all furniture and cleared moving supplies. Great movers for a reasonable price! I highly recommend them.

    Greg Little
    Move from Houston, TX to Daytona Beach, FL

    Professional all the way

    My previous experience with a different moving service left me skeptical about using movers again. The moving team from Geo Van Lines showed up on time in uniform and introduced themselves to me. It took them 4 hours to load, unload and set up a 3 bedroom house. No bruises on walls or my furniture. I would definitely use this moving service again and recommend them to friends and family.

    Service cost: 2810
    Order ID: 84561
    Gary Belanger
    Move from Dallas, TX to Topeka, KS

    Fast, Professional, Efficient

    We hired Geo Van Lines to move a two bedroom apartment. They were very fast with loading and unloading and their initial estimate was very accurate to the work required. The movers were also upfront about parking permits required and did everything safely and by the book. They were friendly and efficient. I felt their rates were very reasonable and would hire them again.

    Service cost: 2240
    Order ID: 98561
    Theodore Poole
    Move from Dallas, TX to Louisville, KY

    Really helpful

    Geo Van Lines was one of the best moving companies I have used so far. Our move was very organized and went very smoothly as well. They gave us the best price we can ask for and on time as well. The sales rep was very informative, helpful, reliable and also patient as we had tons of questions and concerns. Finally when it came to finalization of everything and delivery, they fulfilled everything that was promised and gave us receipt for the services including the stairs additional flight charge. Thanks for successfully relocating my family.

    Service cost: 2900
    Order ID: 159687
    Sylvia Bevill
    Move from Nashville, TN to Dallas, TX

    Efficient and Careful Movers

    This was the first time I’ve hired professional movers and it was worth it. We were very impressed with Geo Van Lines from start to finish. Easy and friendly communication. They arrived right on time and worked really efficiently and carefully. The whole move only took a few hours, we didn’t get sweaty or stressed and we were left with enough energy to start unpacking and enjoying our new place.

    Service cost: 2300
    Order ID: 235470
    Louis IWoodard
    Move from Plano, TX to Colorado Springs, CO

    Extremely professional

    Geo Van Lines is one of the best movers out there. They were really amazing. I had to relocate last week and I found out about them online. I wasn’t sure if I should go with them initially but they later proved that they were the best.The movers handled everything so well and made sure that I needn’t have to worry about the moving. They brought their own packaging materials and they were very careful and attentive while packing and moving the stuff. They were very careful with the fragile items. Highly recommended moving service.

    Service cost: 2100
    Order ID: 59417
    Teddy Crumble
    Move from Houston, TX to Chicago, IL

    I have had my fair share of horrible moving experiences – so the whole process of hiring a moving company has me a bit jaded. But Geo Van Lines exceeded all of my expectations. All of their pricing was clear from the beginning. Their customer service team answered all of my questions in a timely manner. The actual day-of movers were early, professional, courteous and fast! They will forever be my most recommended.

    Service cost: 2941
    Order ID: 84752
    Warren Carter
    Move from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN

    Excellent from Start to Finish

    Geo Van Lines was the best moving company I have ever used. They were very responsible, helpful in finding the right solution and they delivered on time. They were even trustworthy people. They kept us update on the day of our move. There was not a single scratch on any of my items when they were delivered. I really recommend them to all who are looking for a good moving company.

    Service cost: 2300
    Order ID: 258932
    Paul Ervin
    Move from Dallas, TX to Louisville, KY

    A delightful relocation

    Working with Geo Van Lines for my move was a great experience. Good communication and prompt service all along. They called ahead before arriving and were on time. Very polite and professional movers. They took care to handle everything gently, no matter how big it was. I had a lot of furniture to move, so no boxing up was needed. The whole move took less time than I had thought, they were very efficient. Nothing was damaged; no dirt was tracked in to the house either. I would definitely recommend using them.

    Service cost: 2600
    Order ID: 48625
    Joe Lester
    Move from Dallas, TX to Aurora, CO

    Good reasons to check them

    Geo Van Lines did an outstanding job. They worked really fast and efficiently. The movers wrapped all my furniture in blankets and handled fragile items with care. Everything arrived at my new place with no damage. Moreover, on such a stressful day, they treated me with respect and kindness. I highly recommend them.

    Service cost: 2174
    Order ID: 48532
    Robert Kovacs
    Move from Houston, TX to Nashville, TN

    Great from start to finish

    I have had several experiences with Geo Van Lines. The price was unbelievable and the service even better. I just moved to my new home and I couldn’t be happier with the service. I am quite satisfied with the service provided and will surely hire them again. Best movers for all moving needs.

    Service cost: 2200
    Order ID: 65894
    Robert Perry
    Move from Garland, TX to Atlanta, GA

    Excellent relocation services

    Moving can be such a stressful endeavor but the good movers at Geo Van Lines made sure to make our recent move was as smooth and easy as possible. It was an absolute joy to work with them as they were prompt, efficient, hardworking and courteous. Not only did they load and unload everything in a timely manner but they also made sure to pack our items with great care. I will definitely work with this company again in the future.

    Service cost: 2200
    Order ID: 48951
    Robert Lister
    Move from Dallas, TX to Winston Salem, NC

    Good quality company

    I can’t say enough great things about my recent experience with this company. Delivered on said date. The team members worked very hard to complete the move in said time. Timely arrival for the packing and loading, superb packing services, great loading methods, timely drop off and zero damage truly made this move very successful. Love to recommend Geo Van Lines

    Service cost: 2900
    Order ID: 48952
    Henry Snyder
    Move from Dallas, TX to Atlanta, GA

    Phenomenal Service

    I not used their service before and I wasn’t expecting much but they were just unbelievable. All three men were very strong and organized. The best part was that they ready to help each other during packing and moving. The delivery was made on time given by the company and the men assembled all my belongings for me. They are affordable too. So, after being served like a VIP customer, I have decided to always recommend Geo Van Lines.

    Service cost: 2500
    Order ID: 025952

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