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20 Linden Ave. E, Jersey City, NJ 07305, USA
ICC MC number: 638964
US D.O.T: 1745183
Local State License: NJ-PM00099200
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30 reviews on Liberty Moving Group

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    I relocate around the east coast every few years for my job. And it’s always so hectic given the unprofessional moving companies messing everything up. I hired company for the last time I relocated. This was the easiest move of my life. I usually have to negotiate with the moving companies for hours. But this company gave me such a reasonable quote that I didn’t have to say another word. Their crew was very efficient and needed almost no supervision. They packed all my stuffs with great care and then loaded them onto the 2 vans. They were in and out of my apartment in 3 hours. I expected having to clean up massive amounts of packing materials once they left but I was relieved to see that they had cleaned after themselves. My belongings arrived a day later as promised and everything was in very good condition.

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    Michael and the two gentlemen that worked with him were top notch. I got estimates from other moving companies prior and company was much more affordable. I’m so happy with company and my beautiful new home. I highly recommend company for any tYMEe of move. Thank you company!

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    Its been some time now that I’m settled in my new place, but company co. was the best experience. Movers were cheap and incredibly fast! I couldn’t believe how quick just two guys were! i would recommend this company to anyone in Los Angeles who wants to get the job done quickly with no broken boxes!! thank you!!!

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    You guys were wonderful!!! On time, honest, fair in price, and professional. James was so kind and understanding to my family and my needs. James’ estimate of my items helped. We appreciate all you did James and all your hard workers back breaking work.

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    My last move with company couldn’t have gone more smoothly. It was super easy to arrange everything via email, the flat rate was more than reasonable on the other hand the guys were punctual, fast, and really friendly and normal. Moving is always annoying but these movers made it as good as it could have been. I would highly recommend them among others.

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    We hardly forget an awesome experience and my relocation last month falls in that category. I believe that the relocation company played the central role in making a move successful. It was company that executed mine. They were on point and did stuff with an organization that saw the safe delivery of my belongings. They are just the mover you would want to use, and since they made mine one of its kind, I will not forget their effort. That is why that date is marked on my calendar

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    I was lied to over and over by another company and they didn’t show on move day. I was so stressed and overwhelmed, I couldn’t even speak. I emailed James and he arranged to have a truck at my house the very next day. God Bless you James. I am upset with myself for not listening to James from the beginning, but thankfully he was there for me when I needed him the most. Thank you company and thank you James for being so kind, even though I was so rude to you, which I am sorry for. 5 stars across the board!!!!

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    We researched all of the moving companies that sent us their brochure when we listed the house. We also went on line and found some more there but most of them had some bad reviews. We were getting sick just trying to pick one until we finally chose company. they we not the cheapest put were one of the only ones who not only didn’t have a bad review but responded promptly when I filled out their online quote request. Alex was great and so was their team. We were moving from Davie to Ocala and they did it on one day with out a problem. They showed up at 7:30 am and by 5 Pm we were all set up in our new home. Great job, guys!

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    Most moving companies are experts at making things worse. Thankfully company was different. The movers did their job so fast that I was just amazed. I was so grateful to them for making my move so easy. I didn’t really have to do anything except for yelling out instructions to them. Everything else was taken care of. They even unpacked everything and put them where I needed them in my new house. This move was the easiest one in my life.

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    I have a hard time trusting people, especially with things that matter to me. So when I had to move, I was dreading the idea of having to hire a moving company. I have heard terrible things about them from my friends. But it was impossible for me and my family to make the move on our own. I asked around and many people suggested that I hire company. When I talked to them, I felt a little at ease. The man on the phone was very friendly and assured me that they would take good care of my things. He did sound quite sincere and so I hired them on a very reasonable quote. Their men turned out to be just amazing. They worked tirelessly in my old house packing everything very carefully. They carried everything out with great caution. My trust started building when I saw them at work. They seemed very sincere and honest. When everything arrived at my new house, they were all there and nothing was damaged. I really couldn’t be happier.

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