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701 Monroe St. 201, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
ICC MC number: 741904
US D.O.T: 2131627
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29 reviews on Liberty Van Lines

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    We had a last minute moving situation and we called several moving companies, but the only company who responded promptly and provided us with an amazing service was company. Walter and Ramon were very professional and punctual. They moved the furniture quick and careful. We cordially recommend them and we’re looking forward to doing more business with them in near future.

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    As first time movers, my family and I were really concerned about how our things would travel. But hiring company made it all too easy. I hired them because they were inexpensive. I wasn’t expecting a lot but they treated us like royalty. They came in right on time and started packing everything. It was great seeing how creative these men were with their packing skills. They did use a lot of packing materials though. There were no issues while loading my things to the van. The delivery was made on due date and we were relieved about that. Everything went exactly how it was supposed to.

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    I hired the company team to help move my grandparents from a five-bedroom house into a one-bedroom apartment in a senior living facility. They worked quickly and efficiently and completed the job in just over three hours, in spite of the fact that they had a tricky path up to my grandparents’ apartment in a cramped elevator.I was so impressed, I hired them the following week to help move some of my grandparents’ things into storage. Not only did they help with that, but they were willing to make an extra stop at Goodwill to move several very large pieces of furniture to donate. They even had to fight a huge amount of traffic because of the upcoming Hurricane Irma, but still got the job done in just over two hours. I highly recommend company. There’s a reason they have gotten such good ratings here.

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    I was a bit hesitant when I read few reviews. The guys show up with an uniform. Nice truck and very well manners workers. They got the job done fast and efficient. I’m had a really good experience using this company to do my moving. Thank you, company Nick , Martin and Sam. Best team to work with. Call for those guys and request then.

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    I would have given them 10 stars but 5 is the most I can give. These guys are brilliant movers. Guy on the phone at the office was super responsive and attentive and went extra miles to make me feel comfortable while scheduling the move and assessing my move. Though it was a local move but they had to use the stairways in both ends and deal with plenty of delicate and fragile items. So, I was little worried. But all my worries vanished when they delivered all my belongings in one piece and without any damage. Most importantly they kept the final bill under the estimated amount. So, I did not have to go through any unwanted surprises.

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    A highly professional long distance service from Miami to Los Angeles. We paid a deposit to reserve a truck. Estimated time to LA was 14 days, however we got all our stuff 3 days earlier. Packing was done at its best. We have a few heavy marble items and a huge safe, which had to be hoisted. We purchased a full coverage insurance to protect our items, which was a waste of money in our case. There was no damage and we were happy to move in right before the Halloween.

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    I highly recommend company Moving. They did a big move for us of 2018 and were the most hard-working, professional movers I have ever hired. I liked them so much that I hired them again a month ago when we sold our house and had to clear it out. It was a cold day and they still busted their butts, stayed until the job was done, and didn’t complain for a single second. They went above and beyond, the price was good and fair, and they are reliable. If I ever need to move again, I’ll hire them again without a doubt. This is a great company!

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    From the time that I called to the time that the last piece of furniture was moved into my house, his company was fast efficient and very professional. They put together my bed from IKEA as well. Everything went smooth and it was a great experience. I’m very happy with them and glad I have their contact information because I will definitely be moving with them next time. The guys who moved me are Walter and Tom. I highly recommend these two. When I called on the phone they quoted me three hours. When they finished it was three hours exactly. I did not get charged a single sent over what they quoted me on the phone. It was a great deal and a great experience.

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    Today, I needed to move contents of my storage to my apartment in Miami. I called this company and spoke to a nice gentleman name Raymond. He was able to get me couple of movers for this afternoon! Moving crew showed on time and quickly loaded pre-packed items on a truck. When they delivered everything, they unpacked and put together all the furniture that was moved! I also had a lot of glassware and was surprised that nothing got broken. Good job and thanks!

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