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(515) 657-0138
6165 NW 86th Street, Johnston, IA 50131, USA
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US D.O.T: 2874251
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49 reviews on MidAmerican Moving and Storage

    Vicki Russell
    Move from to

    Very Happy Customer!!

    They knocked out our move in no time! They were also courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.

    Wanda Butler
    Move from to

    We were very happy with the movers. They were on time, early actually, professional, friendly, and took care with the furniture. They were fast packing and unloading and placed the furniture were we wanted it. The sales rep., was very easy and nice to work with.

    Service cost: 8788
    Raul Ziolkowski
    Move from to

    I would definitely hire this company again.

    The men who showed up to move my belongings were very friendly and helpful. Everything that was discussed on the initial visit was done! I would definitely hire this company again.

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    Lisha Johnson
    Move from to

    Great value for exceptional service.

    He and his crew were reliable, respectful and professional. They moved our things efficiently, everything was intact and placed in the designated areas. Great value for exceptional service.

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    Kenneth Wylly
    Move from to



    I regularly order from your shop, and I love your store.
    But I have a question, I see a lot of Items on this site http://bit.ly/StorerboxesProduct4637 that you also sell.
    but there products are 40% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your shop and theirs,
    is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.


    Jennifer Lefebvre
    Move from to

    I will wholeheartedly recommend these guys.

    They employ professional movers unlike others who make do with part time ones. The movers I have had took great care of my items. They are helpful and polite. More importantly, their estimate was right on during all my moves. These guys really know their business. I always think the highest compliment is a referral. I will wholeheartedly recommend these guys.

    Magaly Kidwell
    Move from to

    I would definitely use them again!

    They took the stress out of moving and made things so much easier for me. Plus their rate is very competitive in comparison to other places I looked that quoted very high. I would definitely use them again!

    Jose Blackwood
    Move from to

    They worked efficiently and ensured our furniture arrived safely to our new house. MidAmerican Moving and Storage took a lot of the stress out of our move and I would definitely recommend them.

    Ryan Johnson
    Move from to

    Very Happy Customer!!

    Movers were super awesome! Quick and efficient! They cared about our things, introduced themselves, were clean, thoughtful, timely and all had great senses of humor which is helpful through the stress of moving. Also like to shout out to him, who took the reservation and answered and questions.

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