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4901 Main St, Skokie, IL 60077, USA
ICC MC number: 447654
US D.O.T: 113774
Local State License: ICC 124056
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32 reviews on Olympia Moving & Storage Inc.

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    I have seen my share of bad movers in my life. I was almost giving up on moving companies when I found company. These guys reinforced my faith in moving companies. They were very professional and brutally efficient. I almost felt bad for how hard the men worked during my move. They worked tirelessly for hours without demanding any break. They knew their job very well and I had to do nothing. The delivery was made on time and nothing was broken or damaged. I don’t remember any other moving company ever being this efficient. I have to recommend these guys to everyone.

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    The movers worked so hard and were incredibly thorough, reliable, and extremely professional. Once they arrived at our new home, they not only unloaded everything quickly and efficiently, they took extra time to set up the beds and arrange the larger pieces of furniture. Dennis and Artur were wonderful and a delight to work with. I would highly recommend company to anyone considering a move.

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    Diego and Nickph were awesome!! Made the move less stressful! We had a 3 story townhouse and we took majority of the house. I thought we would be fine with a 2 man crew, but I would have gone with 3 knowing what I know now. FYI, it’s just me and my beloved and (in my opinion) we don’t have a lot of stuff! Highly recommend!!

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    Top class move. company gives you exactly what they say. They will give you damage free and stress free move. They are professional, efficient, upfront and decent. Moving with them was like a breeze. It is difficult to entrust all your belongings to someone else. There will always be fear of damage. But I am happy to say that this mover did not let me down. I got everything I wanted from a mover and got a few more things too. So I gladly recommend this mover to everyone.

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    My parents decided to move from their house at NE to the new one at SD. I thought this move would feel hard but it wasn’t thanks to staff of company. Everything was moved and ported right at the time and place needed. My mom even remembered their move from UK, which was done with equal professionalism. Nice work, people, you certainly make the difference!

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    This was by far the BEST moving company we have ever worked with! From beginning to end, we were completely satisfied. I definitely recommend company. They are professional, respectful, and everything arrived without a scratch. Their pricing beat all the other estimates too. A++

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    Highly recommended!!! Nickph and his trusty sidekick provided an excellent, professional, and courteous moving experience. I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT THEM!! Do yourself a favor and call them now if you need to move anything because it the best price in town along with the best service imaginable.

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    Anders and Stanley were the two movers who assisted me in my relocation. They were professional, on time, and efficient. Most importantly they helped make the move easy and got the job done, despite the humidity and 90-degree temp outside. They definitely knew what they were doing. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to relocate locally using movers, for a great low price.

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    We are a small family of three. I have been living away from home for quite a few years. Then my dad called me one night and informed me that my mother was diagnosed at last stage. I just knew I had to move back home. Hastily, I hired company finding their number from a card in my wallet. I just didn’t have the energy to pay attention to this move. The good guys from this company took really good care of my belongings. I didn’t have to give them any direction. They skillfully packed everything I own and shifted them to my parents’ home. I’m so glad I got this amazing support from these amazing guys. I truly cannot thank them enough.

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    Thank you very much for our local move, Michael and crew, we were really glad for the help. You guys did a very good job of wrapping and caring for the furniture. We even had a couple legs become unhinged and Alan was able to fix them quickly which was very nice! They were polite, helpful, and I think they respected that we were helping as well. Moving is stressful and I felt at ease with company!

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    company did the entire moving without problems and they did it very successfully. In just one week my family was already moved. Most importantly they were very much responsive and attentive from the beginning till the end. We hired them for full service and they delivered a lot more than what was expected. Packing, loading and moving everything was perfectly organized and planned and the customer service was simply top of the line.

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    We had to move contents of our storage facility to our new home in Miami. I got everything scheduled using their online booking form. I received a call from Marco shortly after. I was surprised to see movers arrive on time. Marco quoted me 5 hours for a move of my 2 bedroom. It took 4 hours and I was given a discount for time not spent. Thanks a lot and I will definitely contact you again next time.

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